In the past 12 months, the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 revealed that 32% of UK businesses have identified breaches in their cyber systems or fell victim to an attack. No matter whether you run a global enterprise or a small local business, your business could be targeted by hackers at any time.

Protecting your digital space

There are many ways you can fortify your business against cybercriminals, including specialist Cyber Insurance, cybersecurity software and making sure your staff are properly trained.

In a time when staff increasingly bring their own devices into the workplace and typically operate within a digital workspace, it’s important to ensure every one of your staff knows how to stay safe online.

Training your staff

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that only 3 in 10 businesses have reported internal or external cybersecurity training for staff. When it comes to working online, just one wrong click can compromise the security of a whole business. This means that if even one of your employees is unaware of the risks, their actions could have disastrous consequences.

There are plenty of free resources available to businesses to educate their employees on staying safe online. Click here for a free training video designed by the National Cyber Security Centre.

You can also click here to access a 30 minute Cyber Security Training module provided by ICSNET and the National Cyber Security Centre.

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