Running a school naturally gives you a lot to think about, and it’s important you have the right insurance in place to cover your buildings, staff and pupils. But what happens if your teachers are ill or absent and you’re forced to hire temporary staff? And what happen if these stand-ins also fall ill? At FR Ball, we can help with school staff insurance to suit.

With the right absence and maternity cover in place, your school can be covered for the absence of teachers and the cost of hiring a supply, making it far easier for you to reduce interruption and balance the books. Covered absences include maternity cover, bereavement cover, jury service cover and more, helping to make sure you aren’t left without vital teaching resources.

We are also able to arrange for medical cover and well-being cover for your staff, for thorough insurance protection designed to keep staff absences to a minimum and cover those that do occur, helping you to keep teaching as normal no matter what.

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